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A SONG OF ICE & FIRE - Free Folk Starter Set (ENG)

449,00 zł

The Free Folk in the north care not for the squabbles of the various Houses south of The Wall. These nomadic tribes will go where they please. And recently, they've been flowing their way into warmer climes. However, the people already in those lands don't take kindly to what appears to be an invasion force. Both sides are arming for war.

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A SONG OF ICE & FIRE - Free Folk Skinchangers (ENG)

165,00 zł

Skinchangers have the rare ability to project their consciousness into nearby creatures, altering their behavior. This can be used simply, perhaps having them perform tricks. But it can also be used in combat. It’s bad enough when an enemy unit is advancing on your position. It’s worse when that unit is flanked by giant wolves or bears.